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Peter Jordaan - Hand Signed Graphic

Peter Jordaan - Hand Signed Graphic

Type of work: hand signed grapic
Period: 2003
Technique: silk screen
Medium: paper
Style: Modern
Subject: Abstract
Sold with frame
Sizes 22 cm x 30 cm (h x w)
Frame 37 cm x 45 cm (h x w)
Edition 29/30

The Arnhem artist Peter Jordaan (1954) had just received a prize for his graphic work when he designed these two abstract compositions.
His work is a remarkable mixture of recognisability and strictness. Recognizable in the narrative image and strict in the void and the use of color.
The small picture elements have been scattered over the surface in a very focused manner despite their apparent nonchalance. Travel memories, romance and the imagery of typography and architecture are some of the sources of inspiration for Peter Jordaan.


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