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Creates, Communicates, Confuses

At Velvet Room, marketing transcends conventional strategies; it's an intricate art form. We embrace the beauty of ambiguity, recognizing that messages aren't meant to be straightforward but rather enigmatic, tapping into the inner essence of our audience. Our approach eschews mere cognitive appeal or emotional triggers; instead, we seek to connect with the depths of individuals, sparking curiosity and engaging their inner selves. We believe that by embracing the mysterious and crafting messages that provoke introspection, we can create resonant experiences that linger in the soul, fostering a profound and lasting connection between our brand and our audience.

Velvet Room

Boulevard du Régent 54

1000 Brussels

Belgium, EU

Velvet Room has ongoing projects based in Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, China (Hong Kong), and Australia.

Velvet Room supports projects in Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Ireland, Uganda, Australia, the United States, Malawi, Thailand, Congo, Bangladesh, and Palestine.

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