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The Bigger Screen

Supporting Filmmakers and Film Festivals

Every year tens of thousands of films are being made worldwide. Many of these are amazing pieces with incredible messages, insight, beauty, and stories to offer society. However, only a small percentage of these films end up having a release. Far too many of these eye-opening, enriching pieces stay unnoticed, stories go untold, and exemplary talent is overlooked. Most of this is due to high cost and inaccessibility to the filmmaker.

Because of this, our heart and soul are in The Bigger Screen, where we aim to make film as an art form more accessible and more inclusive. We don’t want to see important pieces tucked away in the dark. And at The Bigger Screen, we work on both sides of the screen. We are behind the screen encouraging and supporting filmmakers in their quest to spread their work through grants and opportunity. We stand in front of the screen by welcoming audiences to enjoy this art form, no matter what their social or financial status is.

Film is an amazing art form which can transcend time, culture, and demographics. It teaches, entertains, and opens our eyes to things we never imagined. Film makes us laugh and cry and be better, more aware global citizens. Like other forms of art, film is captivating, beautiful, and transcendent. There’s not just one type of art, not just one type of film. And here at The Bigger Screen, we support all genres of film, from narrative shorts to animated films and experimental and underground cinema. We are an accepting, worldwide, evocative platform to help share the works which may not take the typical mainstream route. We appreciate all film, but especially that which makes us think.


We believe the star of any film festival should be the film. Not the sparkles and glamour of the celebrities on the red carpet or the intimidating, lavish festivities surrounding it. Our mission at The Bigger Screen is to create inclusive, intimate communities of the art of film where the absence of conventional constraints allows creative vision to shine in an independent cinematic atmosphere.


The Bigger Screen embraces new and rising talent, helping them find their place in the world of film and letting audiences view their art. We support both sides of film, the makers and the audience allowing each to share and appreciate the art while connecting through film.

Supporting Film Festivals

Film festivals are not only a place to share films, but they are a safe haven for film makers to connect, share, and learn. We support and engage with over 25 respected international film festivals from mainstays like the 61st Ann Arbor Film Festival and the Brussels Independent Film Festival to emerging events such as the Venice Film Week and The Producer’s Night Los Angeles. These events bring filmmakers and filmgoers together, providing that place to connect and engage in a comfortable setting, away from Hollywood glitz and glamour. We believe these intimate screenings allow festival guests to enjoy themselves even as they view challenging films, creating a welcoming and receptive environment.

Supporting Filmmakers 

The Bigger Screen is proud to support selected filmmakers with The Tarkovski Grant. This film grant provides festival fee waivers and supports hundreds of filmmakers on the journey to sharing their work. We aim this grant at independent filmmakers regardless of film genre, style, or length. It brings us great pride that with the average value of The Tarkovski Grant at around $500 per filmmaker, our total value of support as of 2019 is a generous $454,000 (an approximate annual support of $90,800). Not only does this grant help filmmakers save money, but it also gives them that extra notice and accolade which has the potential to mean big things and bring worldwide notice.

Partner Festivals:

Amsterdam Independent Film Festival

Boston Short Film Festival

Bruges International Film Festival

Brussels Independent Film Festival

Doc.Berlin Documentary Film Festival

Doc.Boston Documentary Film Festival

Doc.London Documentary Film Festival

Doc.Sydney Documentary Film Festival

Ghent International Short Film Festival

Ghent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival

Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival

Martinique International Film Festival

New Jersey Independent Film Festival

Obskuur Ghent Film Festival

Somerville International Film Festival

Super Shorts London Film Festival

Super Shorts Los Angeles Film Festival

Super Shorts New York Film Festival

Sydney World Film Festival

Toronto Arthouse Film Festival

Toronto Film Week

Venice Film Week

Verona International Film Festival

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