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Image by Malik Earnest

Velvet Room

Creates, Communicates, Confuses

At Velvet Room, marketing transcends conventional strategies; it's an intricate art form. We embrace the beauty of ambiguity, recognizing that messages aren't meant to be straightforward but rather enigmatic, tapping into the inner essence of our audience. Our approach eschews mere cognitive appeal or emotional triggers; instead, we seek to connect with the depths of individuals, sparking curiosity and engaging their inner selves. We believe that by embracing the mysterious and crafting messages that provoke introspection, we can create resonant experiences that linger in the soul, fostering a profound and lasting connection between our brand and our audience.

Welcome to Velvet Room, where creativity finds its stage and unconventional visions come to life. We're more than a studio—we're a gathering place for gifted minds passionate about pushing boundaries. Specializing in offbeat styles, we traverse the realms of video art, crafting both concise shorts and immersive feature films that defy convention.


Our expertise extends beyond the screen; we thrive in the underground, sculpting advertising campaigns that challenge the norm, designing posters that captivate the eye, and developing websites and games that redefine interactivity.


At Velvet Room, innovation is our cornerstone. We harness the latest technology to craft cost-effective yet astonishing results. Our team of diverse talents collaborates seamlessly to transform abstract ideas into tangible, awe-inspiring creations.


Among our esteemed clients are pioneers, rebels, and visionaries who seek to stand out. They include film festivals, cultural organisations and artists, drawn to our commitment to delivering beyond expectations.


Join us in the Velvet Room journey—a space where art, technology, and imagination converge to redefine creative expression.

Some of our projects:



(website, commercial, strategy, communication)


The Bigger Screen

(website, communication, events)


Producer's Night Los Angeles

(website, communication, commercial)



(website, communication, events)



(website, content)



(website, streaming service, communication)


Warhol on Climate Change

(production, strategy)

Connecting Cultures Program

(website, communication, commercial)

Johnny Walker

(production, festival strategy, design)

I Killed You a Dozen Times

(production, festival strategy, events)

Bruges International Film Festival

(website, design, communication, strategy, events, commercial)

Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival

(website, design, communication, strategy, events, commercial)

Manhattan Independent Film Festival

(website, design, communication, strategy)


(commercial, strategy)

The Tarkovski Grant

(website, design, communication, strategy)

Warhol on Climate Change

(production, festival strategy, communication)

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