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The Tarkovski Grant

Supporting independent filmmakers, from 'new filmmakers' to Oscar nominated talent.

The good news, you’ve completed a film. A narrative, documentary, experimental, animated, underground or any other type of film. It took you an immensely amount of energy, money and time.

The bad news, right when you thought you were ready to share everything with the world, you realized that a new hurdle rised all over again, simply to get your project seen by anyone else. To get your message out into the world, to get recognition. Although this frustrating approach may be standard in some creative fields, there aren't many industries that are as competitive as the film industry. This means that when independent filmmakers want to get their work properly recognized, they usually need the help of a professional organization to get even the basic attention their work deserves.


Founded in 2015, more than 2,000 filmmakers received The Tarkovski Grant resulting the successful release of so many amazing gems that might otherwise stay under the radar. Some of the selected films went on receiving selections and awards at the top tier film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, Sundance, Toronto International Film Festival, … even going as far as receiving an Oscar nomination.


The Tarkovski Grant is supported by major film festivals from all over the world.  

If selected you'll get a FilmFreeway submission fee waiver package that's worth at least $500 USD and grants you free submission access to 20+ film festivals. The current festival partners include iconic festivals such as the Brussels Independent Film Festival, the Venice Film Week, Super Shorts, Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival, Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festivals… among many others. 

This not only saves you a lot of money, but it also recognizes your work as something to watch for during the selection procedure, making a selection with another partner film festival more likely - but of course, never guaranteed.

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