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Velvet Room Ghent

Art Gallery, Underground Cinema, Event Location, Studio

Velvet Room is an art space which is located between consciousness and subconsciousness. A place to enjoy and create art. Velvet Room is used as an event location/co-working space, an art gallery, an underground cinema and a video/photo studio. The place-to-be for film and theatre professionals that welcomed guests such as Lars von Trier, Koen Mortier, Koen De Bouw, Michael Pas, Nic Balthazar, Peter Monsaert, Wannes Destoop, Kadir Balci, Anders Refn, Kris Dewitte, Tom Bessoir, Michael William West, and many more.

Art Gallery

In our two story eclectic art space we're showcasing artworks by contemporary artists like Nobuyoshi Araki, Nick Cave, Ed Templeton, Alex Claude, Arne Quinze, Curtiz, Judyta Krawczyk, Conor Masterson, Per Kirkeby, Francis Bacon, Wivina Ockier, Hans Hartung, Kris Dewitte, Shepard Fairey Obey, Kun Fang, Luc Tuymans, Ravi Zupa, Pavel Kuragin, Thomas Pramhas and Wivina Ockier, to name a few. Art pieces are also available for worldwide shipping through the online shop. 

Underground Cinema

The small and cozy 26 seat movie theatre creates great exposure for the movies and their makers while introducing the audience to some gems they might have missed. Open for hire for private and public use. One of the locations of festivals such as Obskuur Film FestivalViewpoint Documentary Film Festival and the Ghent International Short Film Festival.  

Event Location, Co-working space, Studio

The gallery, studio space and the theatre area are available for hire for private or public art shows, workshops, castings, try-out theatre, photo and film shoots. The space is regularly used for acting workshops (by guest mentors such as Nic Balthazar, Peter Monsaert, Wannes Destoop, Kris De Meester and Kadir Balci), castings (CA/ST Casting Studio), podcast recording and photo/film shoots.

The location offers co-working office space. Currently shared with casting directors and filmmakers. In the past Lars von Trier and his 'Nymphomaniac' team used the location as a production office and shooting location.

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