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Kris 'Curtiz' De Meester

Visual Artist

My Journey

Kris 'Curtiz' De Meester is a visual artist based in Belgium. He started his journey as a filmmaker and gradually moved towards Polaroid photography and mixed media. His work has been awarded and selected for various film - and art festivals around the world. Currently he's represented by Velvet Room (Belgium) and Instant Dreams (USA).



Moving Body Festival at Rubik Art Center (Varna, Bulgaria)

Signs of the Night Bangkok at the Thai Film Archive (Bangkok, Thailand)

Experimental Brasil (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

'Study of a Killing' at Kunsthal (Ghent, Belgium)

Alternating Currents at Figge Art Museum (Davenport, USA)

16th Arizona Underground Film Festival (Tucson, USA)

21th Signes de Nuit (Paris, France)

58th Dimitria Arts Festival/Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival

27th Videomedeja International New Media Art Festival (Serbia)

International Experimental Film Festival Athens (Greece)

'Best Experimental Film' at Mannheim Arts & Film Festival (Germany)

International Experimental Film Festival Athens (Greece)

OGA Visual Art Exhibitions (Rome, Italy)

10th Goa Short Film Festival (India)

Lisbon Film Rendezvous International Showcase (Portugal)
Fresh Streams (Tbilisi, Georgia)

7th Festival internazionale Segni della notte (Urbino, Italy)

'Best Experimental Film' at Dreamachine (North-Hollywood, USA)
Sittannavasal International Film Festival (India)
13th Pune Short Film Festival (India)

Cine Paris Film Festival (France)




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